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Aerator Compact 45 cm 04850 Aerator Compact 45 cm

Thanks to its high manoeuvrability, this compact machine is particularly suitable for aerating small and medium-sized lawns.


  • Five rows of pins make 15% more holes per square metre than competing models.
  • Adjustable tine control improves manoeuvrability and facilitates end-of-row turning.
  • Dual front drive wheels ensure exceptional balance on hills.
  • Fold-down handle, removable weights and brackets for side lifting/pushing facilitate transport.
  • Exceptional tine locking system significantly reduces the effort required to lower and raise the tines.
  • This lawn aerator reaches the highest speed in its class: almost 7 km/h.
  • Easily accessible drive sprocket and bracket for easy maintenance.

Technical specifications

  • Engine: Honda® GX120
  • Aeration width: 40 cm
  • Depth of aeration: up to 7 cm
  • Pattern: 8 cm x 17.50 cm
  • Coverage: 2740 m2 /h
  • Holes/m2 : 70 per m2
  • Weight of bar: (2) 9.75 kg removable steel bar
  • Weight: 97 kg (117 kg with weights)

Product specifications

  • Dimensions: 117 x 69 x 137 cm
  • Item no.: 04850
  • Packaging: per 1

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