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Earth moving / Conveyor belts

Conveyor belt 4,5 m 01816 Mobile 4,5 m conveyor belt Mini-Maxi

The Mini-Maxi conveyors have been designed and built by Etramo, exclusively for the hire industry. We have listened to our customers and taken account of their needs as well as their users' needs.


  • Mini-Maxi conveyors satisfy the strictest safety standards.
  • High yield, good use of capacity and long-term rental.
  • Easy to handle and to store.
  • An extremely robust galvanised steel frame with an ultra reliable vulcanised rubber belt.
  • Very simple mechanical construction, easy to maintain.
  • The conveyors are independent to each other and can be set up in series at any angle for all kind of applications, e.g. landscape gardening, renovation firms, demolition purposes, basements, tunnels, loading containers, often in combination with mini-excavators, Truxta mini-dumpers or rubbish chutes.

Technical specifications

  • Motor: 230 V or 110 V
  • Power rating: 500 W
  • Weigth: 135 kg
  • Belt width: 40 cm
  • Belt speed: 24 m/min
  • Maximum rising angle: 40°
  • Capacity: 50 tonnes/hour

Product specifications

  • Dimensions: 478 x 49 x 34 cm
  • Item no.: 01816
  • Packaging: per 1

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